Our Payment Plans Help Make Hearing Aids Affordable

To help ensure all individuals in need of hearing aid technology are able to gain the benefits of better hearing we are proud to offer a wide variety of affordable hearing aid options. In fact, for many mild to moderate hearing losses, the most expensive hearing aid technology is typically not needed. To determine how much the right hearing aids for you are, simply submit your information on our contact page or call your nearest location to set-up your free hearing consultation appointment.

Patient Financing Assistance

We also offer flexible financing plans through CareCredit that will help in making your investment into hearing technology affordable over time. There are even no-interest plans for up to 12-months for those patients who qualify. To see what financing you may be eligible for, simply submit an application to get started or contact our office for support in this process.

Hearing Aid Insurance

Coverage through your hearing aid insurance may be a possibility as well. We work with a large number of local and national insurance plans and are happy to contact your plan provider to determine benefits and participation eligibility. To learn more and see the list of our commonly accepted insurance plans visit our hearing aid insurance page.

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