What to expect once I have Hearing Aids

Once you have been fit with your new hearing aids it is important to understand that it will take time to get use to all the new sounds you are hearing.  At first, things may sound different including your own voice but over time you will begin to get use to these sounds.  It will take your brain some time to get use to all the new sounds since you have probably not been hearing them as well or even at all.  The adjustment time is different for each person.  Some people adjust faster than others but it is important to remember to be patient at the beginning and know that it will take time to adjust.

Follow-up appointments are very important part of being successful with your new hearing aids.  In the beginning there will be more follow-ups to make sure that you are hearing the best you can.  At these appointments further adjustments can be made based on how well your brain is adjusting to all the new sounds you are hearing.  By documenting your observations we will be able to adjust your hearing aids to maximize your hearing in different environments.  Your hearing aids are adjusted for your lifestyle and for the environments or places where you feel like you need the most help.  And remember, adjustments are normal!!

In order to maintain and ensure that your hearing aids are performing their best, it is important to get your hearing aids cleaned and checked by an audiologist every 3-4 months.  This will allow the audiologist to make sure the hearing aids are at their optimal performance.  It is also recommended that each year you have a new hearing evaluation.  Your audiologist can compare your new test results with your previous test and make any adjustments and changes as needed.

And remember, now is the time to begin retraining your ears and your brain to all those sounds it may not have heard for some time.  With time and use of your new hearing aids, your brain will begin to recognize and make use of the sounds you have been missing!  Hearing aids cannot restore the damage that causes permanent hearing loss but they do help compensate for your hearing loss!!

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