Following guidelines of local, state and federal health officials, the CDC and the WHO, we have begun re-opening our hearing centers. However, the health of our patients, hearing care professionals and associates remains our top priority. For more information and a list of the locations that are open, click here.

Hearing Loss and Personal Safety

Hearing Loss and Personal Safety

One topic that is often overlooked when it comes to untreated hearing loss is the topic of personal safety.  You may not realize it, but your hearing plays a critical role in keeping you and you loved ones safe.  Hearing loss, even a mild loss, can make it difficult to hear such things as important announcements, a distant tornado signal, an approaching vehicle as you cross the street, or even someone’s call for help.

Hearing Loss and Driving Safety

A lot of safe driving is related to the ability to hear potential danger such as hearing emergency vehicles or hearing the sound of a car about to pass you.  Your passenger may provide you with a critical alert that you don’t understand or a clicking turn signal left on could confuse other drivers.  Treating hearing loss can improve a driver’s overall awareness while on the road.  It’s not just about seeing well, but being able to hear potential road hazards can lead to safer driving.

Hearing Loss and Smoke Detectors

Being able to hear smoke detectors is crucial to keeping you and your family safe.  Many smoke detectors produce a high frequency sound, and a study in the February, 2009 edition of Ear and Hearing found that these are not always effective at waking people with hearing loss.  If you have a hearing loss, or know someone that does, consider getting a smoke detector with a low frequency alarm sound.  This has been shown to be much more effective for those even with mild to moderate hearing loss.

Treat Your Hearing Loss

The ability to hear plays a critical role in your safety as well as the safety of others.  If you’ve noticed that you’re struggling to understand people, you’re turning the TV up a bit, or you’re just not hearing as well as you used to, it’s time to visit a hearing professional and see if hearing aids are right for you.  Hearing the world around you is so important in keeping you and others around you out of danger’s way.

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