Tinnitus Treatment Options

It is hard to find someone that has never experienced tinnitus.  With so many people experiencing it, shouldn’t someone have developed a cure for it?  There are a lot of claims for various tinnitus cures, but in actuality, there is no cure for tinnitus.  I repeat there is NO cure for tinnitus.  But there is good news, it CAN be managed.

We all love a good quick fix, right?  Just give me a prescription.  There are many medications prescribed to tinnitus sufferers.  However, most are not treating the tinnitus.  Typically, they treat the other negative effects of tinnitus, such as anxiety, depression and difficulty sleeping.  A few years ago, Ginkgo Biloba, was commonly reported to help with tinnitus, along with so many other ailments.  More recently, I hear about Lipoflavonoids as being helpful.  Unfortunately, the buzz about these products slowly fizzles out, but the tinnitus doesn’t.

So there is no cure, then how do we manage it?  A great analogy to explain the goal of tinnitus treatment is a candle.  Imagine a candle in a dark room.  It’s bright and easy to see.  Even from across the room, it’s hard to miss.  That’s how some people feel about tinnitus, it’s loud and hard to ignore.  Now, turn the lights on in that room.  The candle is still there but flame is hardly noticeable.  The goal of tinnitus management is to help put tinnitus in the background so it is not even noticed.  There are many people that are already able to do that, without any type of treatment.  For those that haven’t managed it on their own, help is available.

Good tinnitus management/treatment includes meeting with a hearing healthcare professional that can complete the following:

  • Detailed Audiologic and Medical History
  • Tinnitus Questionnaire
  • Complete Hearing Evaluation
  • Tinnitus Evaluation of Loudness and Pitch of Tinnitus
  • Hearing Aid Evaluation if necessary
  • Sound Treatment
  • Education and Counseling
  • Further Medical Referrals if necessary

For more information on tinnitus and treatment options please visit our tinnitus page.

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