Providing Affordable Hearing Aid Technology and Personalized Patient Care in Colorado for 20 Years

Hear Life to its Fullest!

At Hearing Rehab Centers we strive to make sure each patient we see gets the optimal hearing care and treatment they deserve! We offer affordable hearing technology as well as premium hearing testing services. Located throughout Denver and much of Colorado, we have served the hearing care needs of thousands of patients in numerous different communities. To find the nearest location to you, simply visit our locations page and then contact us to request your free hearing consultation appointment.

Personalized Hearing Care is Our Specialty

Every patient that we care for has unique needs when it comes to their lifestyle and steps to better hearing. We don’t just offer solutions to improve the hearing loss, we provide solutions to help our patients improve their life and overall well-being. This is our promise to the many patients we care for in hopes of reconnecting them to their family and friends.

Meet the Team

PCC Team Lead
Doctor of Audiology
Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist


Hearing aids greatly improve my quality of life
I can now hear my clients and no longer have to ask anyone to repeat themselves!
My Audiologist takes an active interest in me as a patient and a person as well