Following guidelines of local, state and federal health officials, the CDC and the WHO, we have begun re-opening our hearing centers. However, the health of our patients, hearing care professionals and associates remains our top priority. For more information and a list of the locations that are open, click here.

Hearing Aids

Hearing Loops

Stay in the Loop With Hearing Loops A hearing loop is a communication system that many theaters and auditoriums offer that allow AGX® hearing aids to receive a signal directly from the source. The loops help you cut through the noise in meeting halls, churches, and even your home so you never miss a moment. With no need for specific tuning, additional equipment, or headphones,… Read More

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What’s the cost of not getting a hearing aid?

The cost of a hearing aid is something a lot of users worry about.  When looking at a hearing aid price, they focus on the number in front of them – but they may not think about the opportunity cost of NOT getting a hearing aid. The costs of not getting a hearing aid aren’t as easy to quantify, but they can be significant. For… Read More

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5 Reasons to Wear Hearing Aids

5 Reasons to Wear Hearing Aids Hearing Aids are designed to help you in challenging hearing situations, so you don’t miss out an important moments in life. Over the years, the designs have evolved in order to continue improving the way hearing aids help people hear. Here are our top five reasons to wear hearing aids.  #5. Hear the birds Hearing aids help with higher pitched noises… Read More

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Bluetooth Hearing Accessories

The Made-for-iPhone® Hearing Aids seem to be all the rage right now in the world of hearing technology, but you don’t need a smartphone to take advantage of some of the great features that those units have to offer. Many hearing aid manufacturers produce devices that stream sound from audio sources directly into your hearing aids. Let’s take a look at the differences between two popular streamers,… Read More

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Affordable Hearing Aids With Financial Assistance

To help ensure all individuals in need of hearing aid technology are able to gain the benefits of better hearing we are proud to offer a wide variety of affordable hearing aid options. In fact, for many mild to moderate hearing losses, the most expensive hearing aid technology is typically not needed. To determine how much the right hearing aids for you are, simply submit… Read More

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Insurance Coverage For Hearing Aids FAQ

Certain insurance companies have a benefit towards the purchase of your hearing aid. Hearing Rehab Center will assist you in determining your benefit and in many cases directly bill your insurance for payment. Hearing Rehab Center participates with many providers who offer assistance toward payment of your hearing aids making them very affordable. Frequently Asked Questions About Hearing Aid Insurance: Why is it important for me… Read More

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Lyric Invisible Hearing Aids

100% INVISIBLE No one will know why you’re hearing better except you. Unlike traditional hearing aids, Lyric®’s small size and placement in the ear canal make it totally invisible. Lyric allows you to enjoy the benefits of better hearing without anyone ever knowing you’re using a hearing aid.   EFFORTLESS HEARING, 24/7 With Lyric, you can forget the hassles of traditional hearing aids. Lyric allows… Read More

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Bluetooth Hearing Aid Technology

At this point in time most everyone has heard the term “Bluetooth”.  For those of you who have not been explained as to what this technology is, it is a technology which transmits and receives data via radio waves while being password protected.   Think of Bluetooth as similar to the radio frequency your cordless home phone uses but with a password.  Bluetooth has been increasingly… Read More

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Invisible Hearing Aids in Denver

Your satisfaction with your hearing technology solution and our services is important to us, so we’re happy to let you try out your new invisible hearing aid technology while discovering better hearing. Choice Your life is unique. And your hearing solution should be, too. Hearing Rehab Center offers many invisible hearing aid options. You can feel confident that no matter what you’re lifestyle or budget,… Read More

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Hearing Aid Styles and Models

We offer a wide variety of hearing aid styles to provide optimal comfort when worn. These styles include both in-the-ear and behind-the-ear options that come in many different sizes. Depending on the degree of your hearing loss, our invisible-in-canal size may be preferred as these small hearing aids sit comfortably in the ear canal and are nearly invisible when being worn. Below is a list… Read More

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