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  • Dr. Jacki Reider

    Dr. Jacki Reider

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    Kristen Perez

    Hearing Instrument Specialist
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    Ella Koertgen

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Hearing Care Services in Greeley, CO:

Hearing Aid Technology
We offer a wide variety of affordable hearing aid technology options to fit individual budget and lifestyle needs. Today’s sophisticated technology offers advanced capabilities for comfortable listening in noisy environments as well as connected streaming with media devices.

Hearing Consultation
No two people have the same hearing and lifestyle needs. Therefore we provide free hearing consultation appointments to assess the degree of hearing loss that may exist and recommend a treatment solution.

Tinnitus Treatment
Far too many people are inflicted with persistent ringing in the ears, a condition called tinnitus. Oftentimes this condition accompanies hearing loss and relief can be found through specialized devices. We aim to provide tinnitus relief to any that may be experiencing that condition.

Assistive Listening Devices
Whether you wear hearing aid technology or not, there are certain devices that help make daily activities such as talking on the phone or watching TV an easier task with hearing loss.

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