Hearing Aids Can Make You Feel More Attractive and Confident

Forget the thought that hearing aids make you look old.  Better hearing makes you more confident and feel younger.

Yes, it is true that hearing aids can actually make you feel more attractive and confident.  People who cannot hear well may be doing one of two basic behaviors.

  1. Concentrating really hard on what they are trying to hear.
  2. Totally off in their own world and disengaged with conversations around them.

When you can’t hear easily and clearly and someone has been kind enough to get your attention, the time to concentrate has begun.  Think about someone’s face as they sit and concentrate on something you are trying to say.  The eyebrows furl.  They may purse their lips a little bit.  Depending on how hard they are concentrating, their shoulders may become dangerously close to their ears.  They may lean forward, invading your personal space and really stare at your face looking for any and all clues that may reside there about what you trying to tell them.

The other extreme is the complete avoidance of conversation and sound.  When this happens, people begin to stare off into space; often feeling bored, lonely or frustrated.  They can become cantankerous and grouchy.  They might become surprised and embarrassed when they realize someone is talking to them.  When a person appears this vacant, there is often little light and life in their eyes.  The corners of their mouth turn down and they can appear hunched over and small in an effort to not be noticed.

Now imagine someone who is engaged with the people and the world around them.  They are alert and focused.  Their posture will often be more relaxed and confident.  Their posture tends to be upright with the shoulders loose and comfortable.  They can sit back and crack a smile, because they actually got the joke along with the rest of the group.  Their eyes are brighter with wonderful smile lines appearing as they are able to interact with the world.  This ease of communication will make them more enjoyable to be with and hence more attractive to those around them.

I will often hear patients tell me, “I don’t want hearing aids because they mean I am old.”  I actually think that it is not the hearing aids that make people look old, but rather the behaviors of people who are hard of hearing.  Hearing aids are designed to make someone’s life better, to enrich the relationships they have and help them to interact with the world more easily.  Plus, many hearing aids are tiny to boot.  So what’s stopping you?  Are you ready to become more engaged, relaxed, confident and ultimately more attractive?

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