Be an Advocate for Better Hearing

So you did it, you got hearing aids!  Or maybe they aren’t for you but you helped your loved one get hearing aids.  Congratulations on being on the track for better hearing.  But is that all you need to do?  Even if after getting comfortable with hearing aids and understanding the importance of communication with your audiologist, there is another thing you can do.  Be an advocate for better hearing.

Hearing aids are small and discreet, almost invisible today.  Most people will not even notice them but….. talk about them anyway.  Talk about your experience.  Talk about the steps you took.  Talk about everything you’ve learned in the process.  Remember when you didn’t know the right steps to take or who to call?  Well, you are not the only one that feels that way.  Talk about your experience with your friends and family.  They might be going through the same things you were going through before treating your hearing loss.


  • Your Family: Hopefully they have been involved in the process, but if not, talk about it.  Tell them not only about how much better you are doing, but also the limitations and importance of communication strategies.  Encourage others that are struggling with hearing loss to get help.
  • Your Friends: You are probably not alone among your friends.  If you start to notice signs of hearing loss, talk about it.  Encourage a dialog by telling them your story.
  • Your Primary Doctor: Let your doctors and other healthcare providers know the benefits of improved hearing.  Remind them to talk to their other patients about the importance of identifying hearing loss early.
  • The Guy at the Gym, The Lady at the Grocery Store: Don’t be afraid to talk to any acquaintance about hearing loss and the treatment solution that worked for you.  If you see someone frustrated by hearing loss, let them know that you once were too.  More than likely, they’ll be happy to know they are not alone and might have questions.  Again, just allow for a dialog.
  • Facebook/Social Media: Be happy and proud of your decision and tell the world.
  • Online Reviews: More and more people are looking online for answers to questions; such as where to go next?  If available, write a review of the company or audiologist that helped you.  Your insight might inspire the next person to begin their own journeys towards better hearing.

While everyone’s situation and needs are different talking about personal experience can be motivating.  It helps to answer questions that may be holding others back from seeking help.  An open dialog about hearing loss and treatment solutions is the best way YOU can help advocate for better hearing.

Now, go on, spread the word!  Advocate for better hearing.

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